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Day Care - Pressure Relief Seat Cushion
Day Care - Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

Day Care - Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

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Lower Body Pressure Relief

LilyPillow works by providing direct treatment to your lower back. Secondary treatment to prevent excessive downward pressure is also essential to a healthy lower back.

Pressure build up from long hours of sitting squashes the spine and back.

The pressure relief cushion absorbs the downward pressure and help to maintain a proper posture while you work.

Pressure Relief - The seat cushion helps to relieve downward pressure on your back muscles, tailbone, spine and buttocks.

It also helps to relieve pressure sores or pain during pregnancy.

Promote Blood Circulation - Regular use of the cushion increases blood circulation to your lower body.

This reduces swelling, cramps and formation of viscous veins.

Versatile Design - Comes in a portable size & weight.

The seat cushion can be use anywhere, in the office, kitchen, cars, trucks, for travelling, wheelchair or even in the stadium.

Quick Rebound Memory Foam - The seat cushion is made of high density memory foam which rebounds quickly.

This allow it conforms to the buttocks curvature providing long lasting support and comfort.

Washable Mesh Cover - Mesh cover allows air circulation, prevent heat from building up, keeping the surface cool & comfortable.

Cover is also machine washable.


CM: 40 x 40 x 5 
Inch: 16 x 16 x 1.6
(Fit Most Seats)

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