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Pregnancy & Side Sleeper Aid - Knee Wedge
Pregnancy & Side Sleeper Aid - Knee Wedge

Pregnancy & Side Sleeper Aid - Knee Wedge

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A Must for Side Sleepers

LilyPillow treats the lower back for side sleepers.

However, if your pain goes beyond the back to the hips and knees, having a knee wedge may help to alleviate those pains.

A common problem for side sleepers is always the dropping of one of the knees.

The knee wedge is a simple yet effective solution to resolve this.

Proper Hips & Knee Alignment - With its contoured knee design, the knee wedge elevates your hip and align the knees.

This ensure a proper posture from the waist down till the lower leg.

Side Sleeper Pain Relief - The knee wedge is designed holds your knees and legs in the right position.

This helps to relieve lower back, leg, knee, ankle and hip joint pain by providing your body with proper spinal alignment and reducing pressure while you sleep on your sides.

Better Sleep for Pregnant Moms & Overweight Patients - Having high hip to knee ratio causes a lot of stress during side sleeping as one of the knee is often “drop off the alignment”.

The knee wedge resolves that effectively and promotes proper blood circulation to reduce pains and cramps.

Heat Activated Memory Foam - Made with heat sensitive memory foam, the knee wedge reacts to your body temperature.

It gradually turns softer over the night to provide an enhanced knee hugging experience. 

Washable Mesh Cover - Mesh cover allows air circulation, prevent heat from building up, keeping the surface cool & comfortable.

Cover is also machine washable.


CM: 34 x 32 x 10 
Inch: 13.5 x 12.5 x 4

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